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4 Things to Consider Befortoe Choosing a Shopify E-commerce Websites Template

When looking to create a Shopify e-commerce store, the design is an important aspect. It’s probably the first thing prospective customers see before they slide down to check out your products and buy. So you have to create a great design if you hope to convert many customers. One of the elements that can help you create a compelling Shopify e-commerce website design is a template. Shopify has a massive array of templates, and it can be almost overwhelming to choose the best. However, these pointers will help you in your decision:

The Shopify E-commerce Websites Template should be easy to navigate

One of the biggest challenges faced by visitors to e-commerce websites is navigating to the location of the product they want. Customers should be able to locate the products or services they want quickly. Otherwise, they will bounce off your e-commerce platform. What determines the ease of the navigation of an e-commerce website is the template or the theme. If the template is sophisticated, customers will find it hard to locate products. Simple templates that offer a search feature and product categories are easy to navigate.

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Responsive Shopify E-commerce Websites Template

Responsive template means it can be viewed using multiple devices, including mobile without having to adjust the screen. With more than half of all online searchers using their mobile devices to check out products and service on the web, an unresponsive website means you’ll miss out on that traffic, which will negatively impact your sales.

The Shopify E-commerce Websites Template should be able to showcase beautiful images and videos

E-commerce websites rely on images of products to sell. Because customers are not able to see the products for real, they want to see their images to make buying decisions. That’s why the e-commerce websites template you chose should allow you to showcase beautiful images and top-notch explainer videos.

The Shopify E-commerce Websites Template should integrate a blog

If you check out e-commerce platforms today, you will find that the majority have integrated a blog to share valuable information with their prospects and customers. A blog allows you to offer detailed information about the product or service you offer.


Don’t forget that customer service and support features are critical to the success of any e-commerce website. Customers will want their queries addressed immediately, that’s why you need a live chat feature, besides phone and email support. If you can follow these tips to the latter, then choosing a great Shopify e-commerce websites template won’t be an issue.